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I guess you could say I have always had a love for photography in some form. Whether it was being on my high school year book committee, or being the family capturer at all of our large events or some how being looped in to taking the team photos for my child's AAU team! Regardless of  what it was I was capturing, it has always been something about being behind that little window!


It wasn't until years later that a vision pushed me into a purpose that allowed me to realize I could turn a love for a thing into something profitable. So in 2013 my passion became my business!


I believe that everything God made is beautiful.  That our lives are a picture of the divine plan He has purposed for each of us. With every image I take, a small portion of that plan is held in a still format that can be viewed and cherished forever.  My desire is to capture life's moments in a way that can be cherished for a Lifetime and beyond!

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